Muslim Grave Cleaners

Engage us to clean and trim the graves of your loved ones in time for your next visit. Khidmah.SG is offering a grave cleaning service from just $80!

Value Added Services

Can't find your way?

Video Directions

Going to the grave for the tenth time and still getting lost? It’s normal. Get a video with directions this time to save yourself from making rounds.

Carpet Grass Installation

Install carpeted grass on the grave for a much neater and cleaner look.

Periodical Clean Up

Choose from Half-yearly, Quarterly or Monthly Clean Ups from just $160 

What you will get

Maintaining and cleaning up graves can be a tough job.
Imagine visiting your loved one’s grave and seeing
the weeds growing thick and the white cloth turning yellow
because the last time you came to clean was
many months ago. Let us help you perform this arduous task.

Peace of Mind

Why worry about the condition of your loved one’s grave? Let us maintain it for you.

Before After Photos

Receive before after photos of the cleaning service via email


Focus on saying a prayer for your loved ones instead of trimming the weeds under the hot sun.

One Off Clean Up


  • Price is inclusive of GST
  • Thorough cleaning of grave perimeters
  • Removing weeds
  • Change of cloth for Tomb Stone (you may request not to have this)
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Service period: One time only
  • Cleaning will be done within 3 – 6 weeks of payment

Locate A Grave

Have incomplete details of the grave and could not locate it? Give us any two of the following and we will give you its location.

1. Name of deceased

2. Identification Number

3. Date of death 

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