Introducing Our New Services 📦

Greetings to you and your family. Hope that everyone is well and safe. We are pleased to introduce you to our latest service – Declutter Responsibly and Sustainably. 

You are moving house or you did some cleaning, now, you have heaps of clutter that you just want to clear. 

Some items can still be used and some just happen to sit in the store forever.

Why are there so many wedding souvenir that people don’t actually use? You begin to wonder.

Children birthday gifts, from stationery to toys, some are not even opened, still coming in one after another.  

Are there people who can still benefit from these items? You’ve sent some pictures in WhatsApp group chats, hoping the baby crib can get a new owner.

The recycling company always send flyers but when you actually need them, they are not here.

Secretly, you carry them downstairs hoping to throw them in the big green chute. Oh no, its already full like Mount Faber.

No choice, have to chuck them at the corner, hopefully no one see or hear.

Now, no need to worry or fear. Let’s find out more about what has to offer.


Home Ruqyah

Finding a qualified Ustaz to come to your BTO / Resale Flat to bless it through the reading of Al Quran Al Karim and Doa? Do check out our Home Ruqyah service.

Aqiqah Carried Out In December 2021 🐐

DateName for AqiqahLocation
1/12/21Muhammad Taqris Bin Muhammad IskandarBanyuwangi
3/12/21Muhammad Syazwan bin Mohamed Sidek (Nazar)Semarang
3/12/21Othman Bin Salim Bahashwan (Sadaqa)Semarang
3/12/21Dhawy Arfa Bin Muhammad RidzuanSemarang
3/12/21Yashby NaziraBanyuwangi
4/12/21Alayka Ifza Binte Muhammad FaizBanyuwangi
4/12/21Nur Lana Binte Mohamad HamkahBanyuwangi
5/12/21Muhammad Hamza Bin Muhammad HusainiSemarang
5/12/21Ari Muhammad YaminBanyuwangi
7/12/21Anas RafaKenya
7/12/21Muhammad Naim Ashur Bin Muhammad Mustafa AshurKenya
7/12/21Luke Mikhayl Khairul IzwanBanyuwangi
8/12/21Ahmad Syibli Bin Ahmad FatrisBanyuwangi
10/12/21Ashmyr Elyaz Khan Bin Manoor KhanBanyuwangi
11/12/21Nur Alesya Dania Bte FendiSemarang
11/12/21Muhammad Ayden Bin Muhammad AkhbarKenya
12/12/21Ammara Kayyisa Binte Ahmad KhalidSemarang
14/12/21Amelia Zahraa Binte FayazBanyuwangi
14/12/21Lulwa Nargis Binte Irfan Al-NazirulBanyuwangi
15/12/21Muhammad Syakirin Bin Muhammad SyahidSemarang
16/12/21Hannan Bin NaimSemarang
16/12/21Raysya Audrea Binte Khairul IrfanKenya
16/12/21Rayyan Haqq TessensohnBanyuwangi
17/12/21Arisha Haniyah Binte Irwan KurniawanSemarang
17/12/21Muhammad Shiddiq Nabil Bin Muhammad SuffianSemarang
17/12/21Harith Daniyal Bin Muhammad HafizulKenya
17/12/21Noah Bin JamesBanyuwangi
18/12/21Nadyne Arshyn Bte Mohamed RoslanKenya
19/12/21Hud Rafael Bin Noor Muhammad ShahSemarang
20/12/21Mediha ZahiraBanyuwangi
21/12/21Muhammad Isa Bin Muhammad AimanBanyuwangi
22/12/21Shabir Razeen Bin Sariffin
Shabir Razeen Bin Sariffin
Sufi Nur Umar Bin Rudyhardi
Sufi Nur Umar Bin Rudyhardi
Adam Nur Saifan Bin Rudyhardi
Adam Nur Saifan Bin Rudyhardi
Nur Sarah Afya Bte Rudyhardi
22/12/21Naufal Khalifah Bin Abdul Karim
Naufal Khalifah Bin Abdul Karim
Noah Khalaf Bin Abdul Karim
Noah Khalaf Bin Abdul Karim
Nuhad Khalish Bin Abdul Karim
Nuhad Khalish Bin Abdul Karim
Nur Kayshifa Binte Abdul Karim
23/12/21Idrys Rizanudin JusarySemarang
23/12/21Rayhan Yusof ShahSemarang
23/12/21Ezra Elisa Goh Binte Muhammad Danial GohKenya
25/12/21Rayyan Andre Bin Khairul IrfanKenya
25/12/21Nuryn Sabira Binte Muhammad SuhaimiBanyuwangi
26/12/21Arshan Haaim Bin Mohammad HazamBanyuwangi
28/12/21Raisya Aleesa Binti FazliSemarang
28/12/21Laila Sophia Binte Muhammad ShamilKenya
30/12/21Zayn Hakim Bin Mohamed FirdausSemarang


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