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Hope that you and your family are all safe and well. In our previous newsletter, we’ve shared about the opening of our sales office with an intention to offer a personal and face-to-face experience which is especially preferred by our senior generation. Hence, we’ve made sure to reach out and engage the young ones as well who loves to check out what’s new and trending on Social Media. Introducing Qurbansg Effect on Instagram Reels. Try it out and have fun!


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What Is Qurban Video

Need a quick refresher on the definition and history of Qurban? Let’s hear from Ustaz Syukri Ahyar (BA in Shariah and Islamic Studies, Major in Comparative Jurisprudence and Policy of Shariah, Kuwait University) in this 2-min video.

Aqiqah Carried Out In April 2022 🐐

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
2/4/22 Ruqayya Hafsa Binte Muhammad Burhan Semarang
2/4/22 Safa Aleeya Binte Zulkipberi Semarang
2/4/22 Idris Ezra Bin Muhammad Eddy Banyuwangi
2/4/22 Siti Maisarah Binte Muhammad Syafeeq Banyuwangi
2/4/22 Muhammad Aarif Irfan Bin Azhari Banyuwangi
5/4/22 Umayza Binte Faruzi Banyuwangi
6/4/22 Shaella Rayyan Semarang
6/4/22 Marissa Binte Mohammad Azhar Semarang
8/4/22 Muhammad Danyal Bin Muhammad Farhan Banyuwangi
9/4/22 Nofa Eidrisa Binte Eidzie Eizairil Semarang
9/4/22 Naila Anisa Binte Muhammad Ghalib Semarang
11/4/22 Aleia binte Muhammad Amirul Hafiz Banyuwangi
13/4/22 Fateh Adam Bin Umar Banyuwangi
14/4/22 Hannah Sofea Bte Muhammad Ridhwan Banyuwangi
15/4/22 Ayla Sofea Binte Aswafiqil Semarang
19/4/22 Muhammad Akif Mutalib Bin Mohammad Firdaus Semarang
19/4/22 Benyamin Bayu Bin Shairul Azhar Banyuwangi
19/4/22 Adib Naeem Bin Zulkifli Banyuwangi
20/4/22 Safiya Laiqah Binte Shaiful Bahari Banyuwangi
20/4/22 Dian Aralyn Binte Azhar Banyuwangi
20/4/22 Dira Arissa Binte Azhar Banyuwangi
24/4/22 Reyna Aasma Binte Mohd Khalid Semarang
24/4/22 Nuha Husna Binte Muhammad Asrafi Semarang
24/4/22 Alesha Binte Amirun Kenya
24/4/22 Maisara Binte Amirun Kenya
25/4/22 Inarah Binti Abdul Hafiz Banama Banyuwangi
25/4/22 Aleena Binti Abdul Hafiz Banama Banyuwangi
26/4/22 Mufid Bin Munir Semarang
26/4/22 Zavier Lim Ying Sheng Banyuwangi
27/4/22 Inaaya Hannah Binte Muhammad Fazli Kenya
27/4/22 Muhammad Fauzan Bin Abdul Fattah Banyuwangi
27/4/22 Ayla Darya Binte Muhammad Amirul Banyuwangi


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