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Hope that you and your family are all safe and well. At Khidmah.SG, we have always believe in providing solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and customers. Maintaining and cleaning up the graves can be a tough job especially when we are just unable to schedule a visit to the grave due to a busy lifestyle.

Let us help you perform this arduous task.

For a limited time only, we are offering a One Off Clean Up Promo that is valid tillย 24 April 2022 or earlierย as we will close registration once it has reached maximum capacity.

Take a look at some examples of the graves that we have cleaned:


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Aqiqah Carried Out In January 2022 ๐Ÿ

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/1/22 Aleena Binte Muhammad Jasir Kenya
2/1/22 Muhammad Nabil bin Lukmanul Hakim Semarang
2/1/22 Ayden Syahien Bin Safiuddin Kenya
2/1/22 Sharmin binte Aidil Farhan Banyuwangi
4/1/22 Yusuf Iman Bin Muhamad Affendy Semarang
4/1/22 Muhammad Dayyan Qalish Bin Muhammad Taufek Banyuwangi
5/1/22 Aadila Humaira bte Hilmi Semarang
5/1/22 Rumi Hanif Bin Muhammad Ridhwan Kenya
7/1/22 Yusuf Ali Sohaib Hussain Semarang
7/1/22 Nyla Nur Syafirah Bte Luqman Haziq Kenya
8/1/22 Inayra Haniyyah Kenya
10/1/22 Safwan Uwais Muhammed Arshad Kenya
10/1/22 Bayu Raโ€™uf Bin Amat Khayrul Banyuwangi
14/1/22 Faris Family (Sadaqa) Semarang
14/1/22 Azhan Asjuan Bin Aszhar Asjuan Banyuwangi
15/1/22 Muhammad Nawfal bin Mohammad Hilmi Kenya
18/1/22 Nour Syifaa Binte Irwan Iskandar Semarang
18/1/22 Nabil Ilyas Bin Muhammad Haziq Semarang
18/1/22 Muhammad Mikael Bin Mohamed Shahrizal Kenya
18/1/22 Arya Zakiyyah Fihri Binte Ayatollah Khomeini Kenya
18/1/22 Afza Zahidah Fihri Binte Ayatollah Khomeini Kenya
20/1/22 Mu’az Iman Bin Khairul Hazwan Banyuwangi
22/1/22 Tuan Mohammed Rayyan Rahim Banyuwangi
24/1/22 Hamzah Bin Muhammad Syafiqin Semarang
24/1/22 Uwais Al-Haqq Bin Mohamad Shaiful Banyuwangi
25/1/22 Natalia binte Muhammad Tarmidzi Semarang
25/1/22 Ikhsan Nael Bin Muhammad Yusri Rahmat Banyuwangi
25/1/22 Maryam Binte Muhamad Firdaus Banyuwangi
26/1/22 Noor Laila Dalilah Binte Muhammad Waliyuddin Banyuwangi
29/1/22 Adlea Binti Mohamed Fuad Semarang
30/1/22 Nu’man Wafiy Bin Muhammad Zaki Kenya
30/1/22 Nurin Wafaa Binte Muhammad Zaki Kenya
30/1/22 Insyirah binte Mohamed Hidayat Banyuwangi
31/1/22 Aalia Binte Haidhar Semarang
31/1/22 Luth Nasif Bin Muhammad Nasrullah Banyuwangi
31/1/22 Umair Bamadhaj Bin Hairul Hafeez Bamadhaj Banyuwangi


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