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Hope that you and your family are all safe and well. At Khidmah.SG, we have always believed in providing solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and customers. Maintaining and cleaning up the graves can be a tough job especially when we are just unable to schedule a visit to the grave due to a busy lifestyle.

Let us help you perform this arduous task.

For a limited time only, we are offering a One Off Clean Up Promo that is valid till 24 April 2022 or earlier as we will close registration once it has reached maximum capacity.

We will strive to have it cleaned in time before Hari Raya ‘Aidilfitri as we are still on schedule:

Total Orders 154
Total Completed 141
Total in Queue 13

Take a look at some examples of the graves that we have cleaned:


Here’s what our clients said about our service:

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Nazar / Sadaqa Ramadan

Have you or your family made plans for Iftar today? We might be spoilt for choices here in Singapore perhaps deciding between a mouth-watering and juicy Ramly burger or sweet and succulent mutton Satay. Meanwhile in some other parts of the world, our brothers and sisters might need to make ‘difficult’ decisions too. However, it would be less of a matter of which food but rather a matter of which mealtime. Questions like, “If we are having this for Iftar today, what food will there be for my family tomorrow?” would quite often cross their minds. One way for us to show gratitude to Allah for blessing us with wealth is to spare some thought for our brothers and sisters through the many fund raising or support initiatives made available to us through sincere organizations in our country.

We at Khidmah.SG are offering Nazar / Sadaqa Ramadan packages by partnering with a local in Kecamatan Giri, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur ( who has identified families that will benefit from this. Here are some of photos of the intended recipients and their homes. To contribute, simply press the contribute button below.

Aqiqah Carried Out In March 2022 🐐

Date Name for Aqiqah Location
1/3/22 Nur Anisah Zafirah Binte Mohamad Aidil Banyuwangi
1/3/22 Yusha Etizaaz Azhar Banyuwangi
4/3/22 Rayyan Khayyir Bin Subhan Banyuwangi
5/3/22 Iman Ilyas Yacob Banyuwangi
6/3/22 Adam Zarif Bin Zulkifli Semarang
6/3/22 Dina Aulia Binte Muhammad Fihrin Semarang
6/3/22 Shaan Iman Bin Muhammad Nadzri Banyuwangi
7/3/22 Isa Hayman Bin Abu Ubaidah Kenya
7/3/22 Ariqah Aykiz Binte Muhammad Alif Kenya
7/3/22 Nuha Aafiyah Binte Muhammad Bukhari Banyuwangi
7/3/22 Shasmeen Binte Mohamad Idros Banyuwangi
8/3/22 Zayd Bin Muhammad Balya Australia
9/3/22 Nur Alayna Arissa Binte Mohammad Rafizal Semarang
9/3/22 Hanania Irdina Binte Muhammad Ilmi Semarang
9/3/22 Mohamed Fayzan Bin Mohamed Fareed Kenya
10/3/22 Nayla Nafisah Binte Muhammad Dzulfadhli Hakim Semarang
10/3/22 Medina Binte Muhammad Sofian Kenya
11/3/22 Ilhann Bin Kamaruzaman Banyuwangi
14/3/22 Anas Hazqil Bin Muhammad Hasbullah Banyuwangi
15/3/22 Ibrahim Musa Bin Mohammed Farhan Al-Nuhii Semarang
17/3/22 Ihsan bin Muhammad Ridzuan Semarang
17/3/22 Inara Binte Muhammad Fakhruddin Semarang
19/3/22 Eshal Maliyha Binte Shah Danial Kenya
20/3/22 Siti Izzy Lutfiyya Binte Erwin Shah Semarang
20/3/22 Azrael Shabaz Bin Sukhairul Nizam Kenya
20/3/22 Ashley Suhaidah Binte Sukhairul Nizam Kenya
20/3/22 Ashlyn Suhailah Binte Sukhairul Nizam Kenya
21/3/22 Ayeesha Aynaz Jan Binte Muhammad Haiqal Semarang
21/3/22 Muhammad Zeeshan Azriel Bin Muhammad Zaki Banyuwangi
22/3/22 Nur Ayra binte Nur Abidin Semarang
22/3/22 Alayna Bte Mohammed Fadhil Kenya
22/3/22 Aisyah Nur Jannah Bte Afrio Saddam Banyuwangi
23/3/22 Adira Sophia Binte Suyadi Semarang
24/3/22 Muhammad Aryan bin Muhammad Yahya Semarang
25/3/22 Ayyash Aulian Bin Amirul Banyuwangi
25/3/22 Syafiq Zhakif Bin Muhammad Shazwan Banyuwangi
26/3/22 Nur Ariana Bte Fauzuli Banyuwangi
26/3/22 Nur Eliana Bte Fauzuli Banyuwangi
26/3/22 Nur Azlina Bte Ngadi Banyuwangi
28/3/22 Hamzah Naufal Bin Khalid Ali Semarang
28/3/22 Nur Khalis Ziqri Bin Muhammad Kamarularifin Semarang
28/3/22 Nur Khilfi Zaheer Bin Muhammad Kamarularifin Semarang
28/3/22 Hamzah Naufal Bin Khalid Ali Kenya
29/3/22 Naira Alayna Binte Muhammad Hafiz Semarang
31/3/22 Marissa Bte Mahat Banyuwangi


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